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Vishwa Krishnakumar Co-founder at Zenduty. Helping companies institutionalize reliability within their operations

Announcing our $1.9M round of funding

Announcing our $1.9M round of funding

It is with a great deal of anticipation and excitement that I’m announcing our $1.9M round of funding, led by StartupXSeed Ventures along with participation from marquee enterprise SaaS investors Powerhouse Ventures, Secure Octane fund, Kwaish Ventures, Supermorpheus, Titan Capital, 100X Entrepreneurs, Viral Bajaria(CTO, 6Sense), Premal Shah(SVP, 6Sense), Hitesh Chawla(CEO SilverPush), Sumit Jain(CTO, BirdEye) and existing investors Anand Chandrasekaran(EVP, Five9), Rajesh Sawhney(GSF), Ashish Toshniwal(CEO, YML), Sumesh Menon(CEO, U2opia), Gaurav Dhawan(Udaan) and GSF.

We would like to thank our customers around the globe for their continued faith in us, our existing investors for doubling down on us, and our incoming investors for partnering with us in our journey ahead.

We started Zenduty with an end-to-end approach to managing production incidents. Our mission was simple — to end downtime. Recovering from downtime is tough and requires multiple stakeholders across different teams to come together to solve a complex problem. Having seen incidents closely from the lenses of production engineers, support teams, business owners, and end-users, we figured out that in order to win, we needed to do execute on five key areas better than anybody else — collaboration, context, automation, transparency, and post-incident learning. Today, our customers, all of whom are fast-growing companies themselves, use Zenduty to handle their entire incident lifecycle, including alerting, escalation, noise reduction, unified communications across Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Zoom, etc., diagnostics, incident command, role management, task delegation, runbook automation, SLAs, and postmortem.

What’s Next for Zenduty?

More growth, same mission. Our platform empowers global enterprises to accelerate innovation without the fear of extended downtimes. We will continue to be an empathetic and customer-obsessed team and solve newer problems within a continuously evolving technological landscape.

This round of funding allows us to leverage our financial strength into innovating and further strengthening our user experience, building intelligence, and getting us in front of more enterprise customers. It also allows us to expand our list of integrations and increase the scope of our existing integrations. Developer relationship is going to play a key role in our growth journey moving forward and we look forward to expanding our partnerships and building long-lasting communities centered around site reliability.

We’re looking for engineers who love building reliable systems and product evangelists who want to see a world with no downtime. If you love our mission and want to work with us, reach out to us or apply here!

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