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This blog is written and maintained by the engineering team at Zenduty. We are building an incident alerting, on-call management, and incident response service for Site Reliability Engineering, ITOps, DevOps, and support teams and help them respond to and resolve critical, customer-affecting production incidents faster, and overall build a solid culture of reliability within their operations teams. You can find our open-source contributions on Github.

Our team gives you an insight into incident management, alerting tools, SRE best practices in addition to providing you regular updates on Zenduty’s products via the blog.

We also write analytical pieces on various platforms like Prometheus, Grafana, AWS cloudwatch, Azure monitoring, etc, to help you understand how to better use these platforms to their maximum potential.

As part of our unbiased practice, we help you make the decision on the product that best suits your needs by providing you with complete information about other incident management tools like PagerDuty, Opsgenie, SquadCast, Splunk.

You can find nuanced explanations on the above on our blog page and Pagerduty Alternative Page.

Also see how we stack against Opsgenie and VictorOps.

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